Who we are

Marije Nie

is a musician with her feet, a dancing percussion player. She dances with classical music, jazz, film and dance theater, creates interdisciplinary theater pieces, creative interventions and workshops. She received the Jur Naessens prize for innovation in music and continues to find new paths in music and tap dance. Sharing the knowledge and working methods of artists outside of the stage is a passionate mission for her. Projects in this field range from interactive concerts to lectures, workshops and sessions in which professionals from in- and outside of the arts work together on a shared theme. www.marijenie.com


is an actor and musician. Practising theatre since age 15, he avoided traditional and institutional ways of education, rather immersing himself in the practice. Since 2010 he works permanently with Christoph Falke, founder and director of STUDIO 7 Theater, in Schwerte (DE). Since 2014 he is chairman of the association Theaterwerkstatt für aktive Kultur e.V., the legal entity of STUDIO 7 Theater. Besides his work as an actor, he currently manages the cultural bar „Auf der Heide“ and administers all the theatre projects by STUDIO 7 Theater.

What we are doing

Theatre in times of Covid-19. If we can’t make theatre or see performances, what can we do? If we cannot meet, at least we can speak. Podcasting as necessity.

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