TWR028 - Playtime (with Futur3)

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie
André Erlen
Stefan Kraft

(recorded and streamed on 19 April, 2021)

In TWR006 we spoke with André about his professional history and the work of Futur3:

After one year we meet again with theatre group Futur3 (Cologne, DE), i.e. with the Artistic Directors Stefan Kraft and André Erlen.

After introducing the podcast, we’re resurrecting the category “Secret Word of Today”. We speak about how we are, strategies against the Machine and strategies for Hybrid Forms; we talk Zoom performances.
We touch the topic of how to treat each other in work, and the open wounds in the history of independent theatre.
In the end we speak about Theatre & Games, which according to André, is his only hope for continuity (cum grano salis).

Conclusions: In theatre, it’s never what it is.

We also have some spiritual aide by Jean-Claude Carriére and Frank Zappa.

The title and the cover image of course pay homage to the sublime Jacques Tati!

From now on we will gather in the white room on Mondays at 20:00 (CET). Join us live:

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