TWR027 - Cheers for Fears (with Sina Schneller & Jascha Sommer)

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie
Sina Schneller
Jascha Sommer

the white room – conversations on theatre #27
(recorded and streamed on 5 April, 2021)

In the 27th episode we speak with Sina and Jascha, founders of the network Cheers for Fears. After Simon spills some water into the wine of the concept “SARS-Cov-2-testing for events” we speak about infectious networks, cold and warm, virtual villages, loneliness, vulnerability and magic, about the risk of encounter; and more.

“Say it aloud / I’m lost and proud / You’re welcome here / Cheers for Fears!”
CHEERS FOR FEARS is an initiative launched in 2013 with the aim of intensifying the exchange between young artists in North Rhine-Westphalia and their academies and stimulating artistic collaborations. The founding impulse of the initiative resulted from the desire to exchange work strategies, aesthetics and perspectives across academies and disciplines.

Show notes
Peter H. Diamandis – A false sense of security… – (Simon)
Cheryl Giles, radical care – (Marije)

Cover photo (c) Sven Neidig, 2016


Donna Haraway – Staying with the Trouble
Morgan Scott Peck – The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace (Marije)
Eugenio Barba – Theatre: Solitude, Craft, Revolt (Marije)

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