TWR021 - Same Storm, Different Boats (with Christian Grüny, Marta Wryk, Linda Cunningham)

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie
Christian Grüny
Marta Wryk
Linda Cunningham

(recorded on Dec 30, 2020)

We sat together for a special end of year episode, which we streamed live on the evening of December 30. We had a lot of technical problems (who didn’t this year!?), but lovely guests, drinks and a lot of fun.

We wanted to do our own preposterous retrospective of 2020. So we let ourselves pass freely from general reflections of the year to more theatre related topics.

You can use the chapter markers to jump to topics that interest you.

We speak about the privilege of choice and how much we’re NOT „in the same boat“ in this crisis, about technology as a tool or collaborator, at length about „performing online“ and the immediacy of theatre.

Thanks to Christian, Linda and Marta for taking part in this somewhat improvised experiment and sharing their input so generously.

With Christian Grüny we recorded our 7th episode: Proto-Knowledge

With Marta Wryk we recorded our 11th episode: The Athletic Voice

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