TWR020 - Realm without King (with Felix Ensslin)

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie
Felix Ensslin

(recorded on Nov 29, 2020)

“Agora. The marketplace. This is where we negotiate who we are. Who we want to be.” With this claim Marcel Cremer founded the Agora Theater in St Vith in 1980. A German-speaking theater in Belgium. The first question: The involvement of the local population in the Hitler era. Consequently, the first performance with amateur actors is “Die Ermittlung” by Peter Weiss. For 30 years Cremer was the artistic director, author and director of the AGORA Theater and formed it into a professional and renowned ensemble of the independent scene. After he died in 2009, the group managed to continue.

On the occasion of Agora’s 40th anniversary we speak with Felix Ensslin, philosopher, dramaturg and theatre director about this special theatre. 

00:00:00 Stray Leaves Conversation & Introduction
00:07:51 Future of the Podcast & Other Reflections
00:25:48 40 Years Agora Theater
00:43:57 Freedom and Institution
01:01:16 German-Speaking Community in Belgium
01:09:09 Identity & Home 
01:16:13 Hannah Arendt, the Wolf and the Fox
01:23:39 The Wolf Stays Out 
01:32:42 To Be Continued…


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