TWR018 - Money for Nothing (with Harald Redmer)

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie
Harald Redmer

(recorded on 15 October)

Harald Redmer, born in 1954, lives in Münster as a freelance actor, director, producer and dramaturg. He was co-founder of the renowned Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster and has been a member of the Bonn “fringe ensemble” since 2001.

In August 2013 Harald switched “to the other side of the table”, becoming the manager of the Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste (Regional Association for Independent Performing Arts) North-Rhine Westphalia in Dortmund, Germany – which he developed and expanded in seven laborious years together with his team to being one of the biggest regional associations of independent performing artists in Germany, with lots of different activities from lobbying for theatre to managing government funds for performing arts.

With Harald we speak about the strange need of being a so-called “independent artist”, what could have to do with the disease of “projects”, how funding works and what should be changed, how changes happen through voicing interests (a.k.a. lobbying), how to transition from project funding to something like “practice-based funding”, about corona-driven funding revolutions, why and how artists should get involved in politics and much more. 

Title photo is by João R. Hermeto –

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