TWR016 - Summer has left

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie

(recorded on Sep 6, 2020)


“And now summer has left
as if it never came at all.
It’s warm still where the sun falls.
But it’s not enough. (…)” – Arseny Tarkovsky

Towards the end of the summer period we sat in the sun and talked about what‘s on our mind.

In a talkative mood we produced a long conversation. You can use the chapter function to skip to a topic that interests you.

First we reflect on how summer has been for us, borrowing the term “peripandemic” from Christiane Hütter, who talks about “peripandemic theatre” (the article is in german).

This is followed by a lenghty inquiry on a topic that Simon brought in for the occasion: Giving birth. Without claiming to lay foundations for any kind of theory, we discover some surprising parallels between how a human being and how a performance is born.

We end on some thoughts on how to relate to (theatre) traditions, which die with the people who embodied them.

Show notes:

Parliament of Practices – website soon to be found under

Cross Pollination – network for dialogue in-between practices:


00:00:00 Meeting in the Blue Moon of September
00:05:09 Peripandemic Projects: • Parliament of Practices
00:12:17 • Embracing the Unknown
00:18:27 • #1001fires
00:25:24 • Small Summer Festivals…
00:37:17 • …Pecuniary Affairs and Cultural Policy
00:51:27 • Street Theatre Festival
01:01:36 Towards a Peripandemic Podcast
01:03:47 Giving Birth (to a Performance)
01:41:32 Relation to Tradition: (Re)Inventing the Wheel
01:48:22 Looking forward

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