TWR013 - It's Your Duty to Create Beauty (with Jordan & Shorr)

(recorded on June 6, 2020)

TOUCHSTONE THEATRE (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA) was founded in 1981 as a street theatre troupe and slowly grew to be a professional not-for-profit theatre dedicated to the creation of original work. At its center is a resident ensemble of theatre artists rooted in the local community of Bethlehem, the Greater Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and the international community of Ensemble Theatres.

With Christopher and JP we speak shortly about their story, about how we met each other, about Touchstone Theatre and then enter a long “money talk”. We speak about funding strategies and public support for the Arts, the situation and history in the USA and in Germany and the Netherlands; we speak about Theatre Networks and helping each other.

We touch the current situation in the USA and how Touchstone is reacting. We ask ourselves more generally how to act in times of chaos – and find that it’s our duty to create beauty.

In the beginning and in the end we listen to some sweet Accordion music by our friend Jonas de Rave (Gent, BE).

00:00 A Room, an Accordion & four Persons
05:46 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley
09:03 Drive-in (Movie) Theaters
14:30 Meetings and Crossings: Italy, Denmark, Poland
20:38 Touchstone Theatre
28:49 Money Talk
34:45 The Devil Always Shits on the Biggest Pile
37:46 Public Support for the Arts in the USA
42:38 Germany as an Example
52:59 Public Support as Response to Crises
01:02:44 Situation in the Netherlands
01:05:19 Invisible Genii
01:08:59 Networks
01:14:33 Collaboration
01:16:32 Recycling
01:19:07 Black Lives Matter
01:27:35 How to Act in Times of Chaos
01:41:38 It’s Your Duty to Create Beauty
01:46:27 Two Antidotes and one Accordion

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