TWR011 - The Athletic Voice (with Marta Wryk)

(recorded on May 12, 2020)

MARTA WRYK (Cologne, DE)
is a Mezzosoprano Opera singer. She debuted in 2011 at the Virginia Opera (USA) before establishing herself in Cologne. Her manifold experience extends from performing in established opera theatres to more experimental and fringe productions.

We speak about her musical and artistic roots in Polish singing traditions , about beginning to sing, about the extremely efficient use of voice by babies and why most persons lose that ability.

We speak at length about voice and the work with voice – which is basically learning to shape and change an extremely complex physical process with your imagination and your intentions.

We dive into a discussion of the Opera World and touch the question of why apparently there is no Independent Opera movement and despite all the revolutions of Theatre and Dance that shaped the 20th century and still intrigue and question us today – somehow Opera stayed very much in in the 19th century and enjoys its colorful pompousness with a very genuine culture around it. (This is absolutely not meant as depreciation!)

In the end there is a reflection on what great performance could be – and we listen to Marta generously singing a Quartet alone – Così fan tutte in home office…

Parliament of Practices in times of Corona: Regular online-meetings by Artists from all over Europe, reflecting and working together.
Peter Brook’s Opera works: Tragédie de Carmen (1983) and A Magic Flute (2011)
Sanjukta Panigrahi (1944 – 1997): Work demonstration at the International School of Theatre Anthropology 1996 in Copenhagen

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00:18 Back in the Room
03:25 There is a guest: Marta Wryk
08:13 How Marta began
10:14 Singing with Grandmother Felicia
15:36 Anatomy and Awareness
17:00 Professionalism and Original Spontaneity
19:17 Socialized Voice and Vocal Freedom
20:58 The Negative Way
23:14 The Voice is a Strange Animal
30:27 Being “Out of Tune”
33:46 The Athletic Voice
43:33 Imagination and Physics
56:56 Opera Voice, Vibrato and Change of Taste
01:00:15 Lotte Lenya!
01:04:58 Specialization, Flexibility
01:07:45 Opera and Theatre
01:18:02 Opera Audience Culture
01:24:35 Opera Stage and Audience
01:26:59 Peter Brook’s Carmen and Magic Flute
01:29:49 Opera: Ensemble and Director
01:36:46 Marta, what is great Performance?
01:42:42 Last words and Goodbye Song

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