TWR009 - Effort and Beauty (with Mario Barzaghi)


(recorded on May 2, 2020)

is Actor and Director. He started doing theatre in the 70s as a factory worker. In 1981 he joined Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo under the direction of Renzo Vescovi and began studying Kathakali. He has been practising this form of theatre for 35 years under the guidance of his Master Kalamandalam K. M. John. He danced with him in India, Europe and Latin America. In 2000 he founded Teatro dell’Albero together with Rosalba Genovese. Developing the Actor’s Art between East and West has remained their core interest.

With Mario we speak about the current crisis, how theatre has to transform itself, about the relation to the spectator, about saving your work and the double face of the things.

We speak about roots and craft and time, and how Theatre and Art are governed by a different kind of time. In the end we look at Michelangelo.

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