TWR008 - Song of the Forest (with Daniel Jacewicz)

Simon Bronikowski

(recorded April 17, 2020)

is the Artistic Director of Teatr Brama (Goleniów, PL), which he founded in 1996, when he was 17 years old.

Teatr Brama brings together a large number of restless and creative young people, whose individualism does not fit the framework of small-town archetypes. Although Goleniów is the hometown of the theater and most of its core of actors, musicians and friends, the theater spends most of the year performing around Poland and throughout the world.

With Daniel we speak about his beginnings in the theatre, how crazy accidents determine our way, how theatre is above all a Group of people working and struggling together. We speak about keeping a group alive through conscious shocks, changes and foreign elements, about how the theatre confronts a new performance, about the relation between director and actor.

We speak a good part about the practice of singing and making music as a special kind of “Training”, shaping, informing and renovating the Group, about a quality of singing which is far beyond just “singing in tune” and “hitting all the notes” – which actually is something completely different – and we speak about the beauty of the “ugly” voice. We listen to a recording of the Ucrainian “Song of the Forest” sung by Teatr Brama in 2017.

Finally we speak about Teatr Brama’s great achievement: receiving a new theatre space financed by the town of Goleniów.

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