TWR006 - Future Experiments (with André Erlen)


(recorded on April 6, 2020)*

André Erlen

is one of four Artistic Directors of Futur3 – a theatre group he co-founded in 2003.

He studied Art at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, while training as actor and discovering the vivid theatre world in Poland.

With André we speak about his work, his beginnings in the theatre, founding Futur3, performing outside of theatre buildings, about Cologne, scenography, light, space and the relation to the spectator. We speak about Polish theatre, about the Art world and not liking Premiere parties & Vernissages.

We speak about Theatre which always vanishes and strategies to react to this. We speak about streaming theatre and why it does not work, about the necessity of translation, acting in virtual reality, games, shows without actors. We speak about truth and lies in the actor’s craft, the necessity of being in charge of the situation and much more…

*Marije’s microphone sound quite bad in the first 10 min., then it gets better

  1. There is a guest: André Erlen 00:00
  2. How are your days at the moment? 01:18
  3. André and his theatre: Futur3 04:50
  4. Performing outside of Theatres 08:35
  5. Being a Theatre Group in Cologne 14:40
  6. Example: “A Night in Afghanistan” 21:36
  7. Working with space, audience & light 27:20
  8. Scenography 30:42
  9. Light 33:58
  10. A Lot of Questions 38:57
  11. How André began 41:02
  12. Polish Theatre & Art Academy Düsseldorf 43:11
  13. Disgusted by the “Art World” 46:10
  14. Theatre always disappeares 47:49
  15. Translating Theatre into other Media 50:54
  16. Streaming Theatre vs Theatre Games 52:46
  17. Audience as Performers 57:19
  18. Duchamps´ Portable Museums 01:01:31
  19. Paradoxes of Digital Space 01:02:57
  20. Acting in Virtual Reality 01:05:19
  21. Acting: Truth, Lie, Necessity, Coherence 01:11:50
  22. Thank you & Goodbye 01:17:08

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