TWR005 - On Training (with Adriana La Selva)

(recorded on March 31, 2020)

is a theatre maker, a performer, a networker and a researcher. Adriana is working on a practice-based Ph.D. at the University of Ghent in Belgium, in association with the School of Arts (KASK), where she is investigating contemporary performer training processes in relation to politics of embodied research. She has been a member of the international theatre group The Bridge of Winds since 2015, led by Odin Teatret actress Iben Nagel Rasmussen. In 2017 Adriana co-founded the Cross Pollination Research Platform together with Marije Nie, an international network of performers and researchers, which focuses on the dialogue in-between practices of art, community building and academic research. 

With Adriana we speak about training, heritage, etymology, legal issues and training as a resistance and a way to be present. We also talk about her PhD research entitled ‘What Are You Training For?’

  1. There is a guest: Adriana La Selva 00:00
  2. How are your days? Homeschooling during Corona-Crisis 01:24
  3. Building routines to survive 05:22
  4. Practice as understanding: Archimedean point 11:40
  5. Small Detour: Property, Heritage, Justice 15:51
  6. Cultural Heritage & Practices 22:14
  7. Simon asks Adriana everything at once 26:38
  8. First meeting with theatre: Entertainment 28:47
  9. Etymology again 32:28
  10. Falling in love with training 37:04
  11. Changes in Training 45:47
  12. Monsters, Technology 59:16
  13. Environment & Ecology 01:01:35
  14. Ethos 01:03:47
  15. Example of Technique: The Wind Dance 01:05:40
  16. Training as resistance and a way to be present 01:09:36
  17. Conclusion: Never waste a good question! 01:20:42

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