TWR029 - Visions of Artaud (with Théophile Choquet)

Simon Bronikowski
Marije Nie
Théophile Choquet

(recorded and streamed on 26 April, 2021)

Do you know Antonin Artaud (1896 – 1948)? We neither, and we don’t pretend to. With Théophile we try to circle around this very special figure in theatre history – as a visionary for theatre, philosophy, virtual reality, radio plays; and as a tragic figure, plagued by disease and misfortune.

Before that, we also speak again briefly on Jean-Claude Carriére and discover his true humanism.

The rest is silence. And books to read:

Theophile recommends by Antonin Artaud
The Theatre and Its Double
Love letters
Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society

Marije recommends
Alchemists of the Stage, Mirella Schino

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